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Virginia Woolf and Journalism

Virginia Woolf and Journalism: my New Year’s commitment list

A source of inspiration, Virginia Woolf´s A Room of One’s Own, reminds us that the unrecorded lives of others are the core to better understanding the world. 

All these infinitely obscure lives remain to be recorded, I said, addressing Mary Carmichael as if she were present; and went on in thought through the streets of London feeling in imagination the pressure of dumbness, the accumulation of unrecorded life, whether from the women at the street corners with their arms akimbo, and the rings embedded in their fat swollen fingers, talking with a gesticulation like the swing of Shakespeare’s words; or from the violet-sellers and match-sellers and old crones stationed under doorways; or from drifting girls whose faces, like waves in sun and cloud, signal the coming of men and women and the flickering lights of shop windows.


Reading this makes me want to start a New Year’s resolution list for journalists. I will just state a couple of commitments. We’ll see what happens.

  1. Actively practice amazement for the other.
  2. Telling the story of our time requires time to live.
  3. Read. Write.


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