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Donald Trump

A week in Trump’s tweetland

It’s challenging to keep up with president Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, his executive orders and the dismanteling of the Obama era he has undertaken from day one. Real life and tweetland have merged into an impossible nightmare.

Anger, fear, incredulity before this week’s events are the backdrop as many in Europe and the rest of the world try to make sense of the new man in the White House, elections take shape in France, and the world reorganizes around the extremes.

Rejection of immigrants, of women’s autonomy, disdain for the press or protesters and an obsession with his self image seem the common thread that continues after the election. It’s been a long week.

Complete silence on the Obama camp, timid tweeting by Hillary Clinton  and enraged opposition on the streets. It appears 2017 will be a year of great challenges for the press, as world leaders either follow Trump’s path or reject it; a year that proves our rights are not to take for granted. A moment in history to regain faith in citizen organization and a time to participate to take part in the construction of our destiny.

  • Photo by Gage Skidmore.

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